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001 - the beginning

Today I'm announcing my next project, eno. My goal is to create a software product that makes professionals who work with documents 10x more productive than existing tools. I will do this by completely rethinking how a word processor works and throwing every design decision in Microsoft Word out the window.

On the technical side, eno will be a standalone application that runs natively on your computer (not in a web browser). It will be built from scratch in zig with as close to zero dependencies as is sane. To begin, it will be a terminal UI application. For non-nerds, this means it will look like something out of the Matrix. I don't think anyone will want to use that version but it's a lot faster to prototype in. I can make it pretty later.

Two weeks ago, eno became my full time occupation and it will continue to be so until my vision is realised. I spent 10 years on my last project, so I know what I'm getting into. I have no plans to hire a team or raise money. I want to devote as close to 100% of my time to coding as possible. I also want to experiment freely until I have a concrete vision of the product - it's a lot harder to throw out a bad design if you've been paying people for a year to build it.

I plan to treat the development of eno more like the development of an indie game than enterprise software. In that spirit, each week I'll post an update to this blog and share the journey. Hopefully it will be helpful to someone else out there. At the least, it should be mildly entertaining.

~ Gordon


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