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018 - my first demo

When I tell people I am writing a word processor they frequently ask me how I will compete with Microsoft Word. I then ramble on for ten minutes saying words like “dynamic” and “data model”. At this point they typically change the topic to something banal like the weather.

Needless to say I have not nailed the elevator pitch for eno.

Over the last week I had a couple occasions wherein I had my laptop nearby. Instead of doing my usual ramble, I dragged them over to watch my laptop screen as I showed them a very basic demo of how eno works.

In both cases, the app crashed multiple times as I did the demo and I had to restart and carefully avoid certain bugs so I could get to the end.

Imagine my surprise when these hapless viewers of my buggy software did not flee the room upon the demo’s completion but instead started to ask interesting difficult questions about how eno will work. For the first time I felt like I had actually communicated a small piece of my vision for it.

Off the back of these two small victories I decided to fix a few of the bugs and record an actual demo of eno. It took several takes and there is no sound. But it is a demo.

Here it is. This is eno six months into development.

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